Devotion for Tonight

Easter Evening - our final post, for the time being...

Introduction for tonight: For ease of leadership and Sabbath rest, we offer a practice of Lectio Divina each Sunday. Lectio Divina is a prayerful way to read the Bible and spend time with God. It involves reading the text multiple times, with stretches of silence between each reading to notice the action of the Spirit in the words. You and your family are invited to let the pause between readings be as long as is comfortable. Because part of the process is to slow down, you might try increasing lengths of silence as you deepen in the practice. The length of time you spend on this practice is up to you. Usually we have invited families to choose which text to revisit for Lectio Divina. However, this week being Easter, the text chose itself: there is an assigned text for Easter evening and it is a perfect text to round out our Lenten Family Evening Devotions. This will be our final post, for a while, as we determine next steps for ourselves. Thank you for participating! CRE