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Sabbath Revisit

Note: You will need a pitcher of water and a large bowl for the remainder of this week. Tonight, you will need cups of water for each participant. Introduction for tonight: In recognition of the Sabbath, Saturday evenings are a night for rest. Therefore, the devotion for tonight will be a repeat from earlier in the week. We have chosen the practice or the text that we feel is the most significant or life-giving. Repetition helps solidify things in our brains!  We also hope Saturdays and Sundays will be easier for parents/facilitators, since it’s already been followed, once. If another practice was more rich for your family, please feel free to go back and repeat whatever devotion suits you best. Alternatively, this can be an evening during which you share a devotion from a night that you might have missed earlier in the week. This week, we’ve chosen the devotion from Monday : CREATE A SACRED TIME AND SPACE Leave all screens turned off and outside of the gathering sp

Water Whispers

NOTE: You may want to have a large plastic drop cloth under the pitcher and bowl, tonight. CREATE A SACRED TIME AND SPACE Leave all screens turned off and outside of the gathering space/room. Set a single candle in the center of your space or on a child’s nightstand or headboard. As you light the candle, you might sing or say, [Christ] is my Song 1 [Christ] is my song, [Christ] is my praise: all my hope comes from God. [Christ] is my song, [Christ] is my praise: God, the well-spring of life. TAKE A MOMENT This is a time to become fully present with one another and with God. Invite everyone to take a deep breath in and exhale fully. Repeat this deep breathing for about 20 seconds, everyone at their own pace. LET GO & RECEIVE Excitement over past or future events - or, worries, pain and/or guilt - can keep us from immersing in God’s loving Presence, right here and now. You might invite participants to Let Go as follows: “In one or two words,