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Easter Vigil

We wanted tonight to be a little different. There will be fewer elements but there will be more time to meditate on the text with both discussion and silence.  The flow will go straight from creating your sacred space directly into the text. Then into discussion, meditation, and prayer. Our intention is that the silence during this time unites us with the death of Jesus. We will therefore end tonight in silence. Please show love during your “tuck-in” time but see if you can do so, silently. Staying in the discomfort of the silence helps us to feel the excitement and joy of Easter.  Allow the feelings that may come during this time. Difficult feelings such as pain, hurt, anger, and sadness are a part of being human. An amazing skill to learn is the ability to sit in those feelings, acknowledge those feelings, and respond to those feelings in ways that are helpful. In addition, the ability to allow those we love to sit in those difficult emotions while supporting and loving th

Good Friday

Please see Holy Week Monday , Holy Week Tuesday and Holy Week Wednesday for preparatory materials for tonight’s practice and for complete texts for each Station. This outline is for use around a family’s home – either inside or out. For a printable version of this outline, go here . You can find more information about the Stations of the Cross here and here ; and other online Stations of the Cross here . Tips for walking the Stations: *You may want to stagger the beginning so each individual has personal time at each  Station. *Small children will likely need to be accompanied by an adult. If possible, share this  responsibility so that each adult has an opportunity to walk the Stations for  themselves. *Let each person take their own time. Avoid setting limits to the ending. *There is no final blessing or dismissal. Closing words are suggested, but you can also  leave the ending open, flowing into Saturday’s Vigil. A LEADER MIGHT BEGIN THE WALK WIT